Hear what football has to say on human rights…


Preview video for Sidelines film festival from 6-8 June in London – find out full details at http://www.amnesty.org.uk/issues/Sidelines%3A-Football-film-festival

Football, like all sport, should be a force for good but too often we hear of human rights being overlooked within and around the game. On the eve of the World Cup in Brazil, Amnesty UK and partner organisations present a weekend of films, and lively discussions all with a football and human rights theme.


Write for Rights 2013


A simple card or letter brings hope and comfort to those suffering human rights abuses. During November and December we will once again be asking you to send a personal message to one or more of the individuals and communities that feature in our Write for Rights campaign.

These people are just like you. With mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and friends who miss them. We want you to send them a message and let them know they haven’t been forgotten. Details of all the cases will be available on amnesty.org.uk/write from early November.

Release Mahdi ‘Issa Abu Dheeb


In early 2011, as peaceful protests spread across Bahrain, Mahdi ‘Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb and his colleague Jalila al-Salman called for a teachers’ strike to support the growing demands for reform. Since Mahdi and Jalila were leaders of the Bahrain Teaching Association, most of us would say that they were just doing their job.

But the Bahrain authorities have since made them pay dearly for their legitimate work.

By April, both of them were detained. Jalila has since been released but Mahdi remains behind bars – where he has been for over two years. Take action now

Support Gao Zhisheng!


The video above is one the Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich group made in support of Zao Ghisheng.

For nearly a decade Gao Zhisheng was one of China’s top lawyer. He won awards and was respected by the people and government alike. But he became increasingly outspoken about human rights abuses in the country. And for this he has been severely punished.

He was imprisoned without his family knowing where he was. He was brutally tortured. And he and his family were put under illegal house arrest. In 2009 he disappeared and again his family didn’t know where he was. In 2011 it was revealed that he was in prison, where he remains to this day. Please show your support for Gao today:

Call for Gao’s immediate release