Letter signing drop-in

It’s our letter signing drop-in at Greenwich Tavern tonight from 7.30pm. All welcome. Any queries please email AIBG.enquiries@gmail.com 


#AmnestyBookSale today

The #AmnestyBookSale is today and opens at 10am and closes at 4pm at Church of the Ascension (SE10 8BF). All books are half their June price. We have refreshments including home made cakes at the rear of the church. If using social media please use hashtag #AmnestyBookSale and share photos of your book sale purchases. We look forward to seeing you. 

Volunteers wanted

In preparation for the book sale we are asking from those that support it to help us get ready for the big day or help out on it. 

In advance of the day we will require volunteers at the Church of the Ascension from Monday 14 – Wednesday 16 November from 7-9. This will be to help unload books from cars and organise the books in the church. 

On the day we would appreciate help at any time of day between 10-4. However we would really appreciate help between 4-6 to help tidy up the church and loads books into vans. 
If you can help email us on AIBG.enquiries@gmail.com