Group meeting on Tuesday

On Tuesday (7.30pm at St Margaret’s, Brandram Road) we will be having our final group meeting before the book sale, however our letter signing event will take place in two weeks time as usual. Given it is our final pre book sale planning meeting we will be reminding people of the decisions made in our past couple of meetings and making any final ones. We will also be confirming whether we should proceed with the November book sale. Some of the key arguments for and against doing so include income raised, effort required and the time the group should spend on campaigning. Full details of the Amnesty Book Sale can be found at

This month aside from the book sale we will also have some human rights inspired poetry readings. These will be read by Ann Garrett and Geraldine Cowan from Amnesty Beckenham group, the Amnesty Creative Writers group and Rae Lewish-Ayling of ‘The Rioters’.

All are welcome to attend whether current, new or returning members. Any queries please email


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