Book Sale Volunteers Wanted

Over the past 40+ years the Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich Group has had 55 very successful book sales. Preparation and organisation relies on a relatively small number of committed individuals. We estimate that it takes around 600 person hours to hold the June book sale and are always open to new people joining us in making it happen.

To ensure we can continue with the book sales we need help collecting, sorting, pricing, moving books from 16 May to 17 June. We need people with cars, who can lift boxes of books, general helpers. Book collections are during office hours; other work weekdays: 7-9pm, weekends: 4-6pm. We also need volunteers for the book sale itself, 18 June, especially for the clear up at the end of the day.

We are all amateur book sale volunteers but we can certainly guide you with all the tasks. Ideas for improvements are also welcome.

All volunteers will receive a friendly and warm welcome. Please contact if you can help with the book sale and, if possible, indicate what tasks you can take on, when and how often.

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