#OpenToSyria Campaign Event on Saturday

There will be a campaign event to ask the government to settle more Syrian refugees in the UK on Saturday from 12-2 in Parliament Square. Please join the Facebook event

This will be an action aiming to put pressure on the UK government to accept more Syrian refugees in Britain, as the numbers it has pledged so far are among the lowest in all participant nations.

The main focus of the day will be 38 large, A1-sized boards. Each board will have 100 paper chain human figures. Each figure will represent 1,000 Syrian refugees -that’s 3,800,000 people.

Among this sea of 3,800 figures, we will highlight the UK’s meagre contribution to the crisis by drawing the colours of the Union Jack on part of a figure – that’s the 187 people the UK has resettled so far.

We will also promote the #OpenToSyria Twitter hashtag, asking people to have their picture taken asking the government to do just that, and take as many pictures as possible to create content which can be used on social media afterwards (hopefully a video).


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