Free screening of ‘Pride’ – Tues 17 Feb

Amnesty UK’s Trade Union and LGBTI networks invite you to a free screening of 2014 feature film Pride at Amnesty UK’s London building.

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Film director Ines Ben Othman released

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) we were all set to write letters calling for the release of film director Ines Ben Othman who had been imprisoned in Tunisia for “verbally insulting a public official while carrying out their duties” after going to Ariana police station in the suburbs of Tunis to complain about months of harassment by the deputy head of the station on Facebook.

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Want to go to the Amnesty UK AGM 2015?

Each year in March/April time Amnesty International UK holds its AGM and National Conference. As a local group we pay for one of our group to attend as a delegate. In addition individuals can book a place for themselves (and there are concession rates). At the AGM members makes decisions about the Amnesty UK Section’s priorities for the years ahead. And there are lots of opportunities to learn about Amnesty’s campaigns and share ideas on how to campaign effectively.

To find out more and book your own place visit the Amnesty UK AGM webpage – this year’s conference is 18-19 April at the University of Warwick.

If you’d like to be our group delegate then please come along to our meeting on Tuesday 10th February 7.30pm where we will vote to decide who represents us.

Dr Tun Aung freed

Dr Tung Aung, a prisoner of conscience, campaigned for my Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich group members has been freed. He was imprisoned for merely trying to calm communal violence in 2012. Dr Aung is one of many prisoners in conscience in Burma and we hope his release will be the first of many. To find out more read the Amnesty International press release