Amnesty LDN event on Stop Torture

On Monday (17th November), the Amnesty LDN graduate group are being joined by Amnesty UK’s Olly Sprague – Military, Security and Police Programme Director – who will be talking to us about the Stop Torture Campaign. The event is open to all to come along whether graduates or not.

Unfortunately, instruments of torture like thumb screws, spiked batons, leg irons and neck shackles aren’t just confined to the history books. And legal loopholes allow companies to promote and market torture devices in the EU, including the UK.

Olly Sprague will be explaining Amnesty’s campaign against this, and what we can do to support the campaign. For an introduction, please see

Time: 7.30pm
Date: Monday 17th November.
Venue: Conference Room, The Human Rights Action Centre, Amnesty International UK, 17 – 25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA


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