Local MP Heidi Alexander supports Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich in highlighting dangers to Afghan Women

Members of the Blackheath & Greenwich Amnesty International group together with local MP Heidi Alexander will be donning hard hats, orange vests and wrapping themselves in hazard tape on Friday 10 October at 3.30pm at Downham Health and Leisure Centre, in order to highlight the dangers to Afghan women who take high profile jobs in violence-wrecked Afghanistan. The stunt draws attention to the constricting effect of attacks against women because of their jobs – not only for the women specifically concerned, but also for many others who won’t work publicly due to fears of reprisals.

The move is part of a ‘Hazard of the Trade’ campaign to highlight the fact that women MPs, police officers, doctors and teachers – professionals which are essential to development and security – have all been targeted by the Taliban and other armed groups in recent months.

With only months to go before the UK and other international armed forces withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of the year, Amnesty are calling on their MPs across the UK to pressure the UK government to ensure there are plans in place to protect Afghan women working on human rights, from attack.

Graham Dock, secretary of Amnesty Blackheath & Greenwich group, who lives locally, said:

‘This is a campaign we have been working on for the past two years. It goes to the heart of what Amnesty stands for and is surely something everyone can support.’

To find out more about the work of the Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich group see www.amnestybg.wordpress.com


The full address for the location is:

Downham Health and Leisure Centre, 7-9 Moorside Road, BR1 5EP

Press photographers are welcome at the event. If you wish to attend then please turn up on the day and ask to speak to Brigitte Hurrell or Graham Dock. In addition we can provide photos after the event.

Any queries please email us on aibgsocialmedia@gmail.com


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