Advance notice of group AGM in September

This blog post is to note that our AGM will take place during the September meeting, which will be held on Tuesday 9th September. (The AGM was formally announced at the group’s July meeting). At the AGM we will elect Group Officers and other Group Roles, as set out in the Group Constitution.

Group Officers

Chair Run group meetings and act as the spokesperson for the group. (After five years in the role the Chair will be standing down at this year’s AGM).

Deputy Chair Stand in for Chair when latter is not available.

Secretary Main contact point between meetings, dealing with correspondence, making practical arrangements for group meetings and keeping the group’s records.

Treasurer Ensure group’s finances are run properly so that the group can campaign and raise funds effectively.

Other Group Roles

Newsletter Take notes at group meetings and produce the monthly newsletter which is circulated to the group.

Membership Secretary Maintain the database of group members

Press and Social Media Officer Manage the press and other media on behalf of the group.

London Region Co-ordinator Provide a link between the group and the London Region Group

Group Website Manager Maintain the group website and keep it current.

Meeting Organiser Arrange speakers at group meetings; arrange other meetings for group where appropriate.

Campaign Co-ordinators For the campaign in question, the job of the Campaign Co-ordinator is to be responsible for communicating the aims of the campaign to the Group, and planning, implementing and evaluating group actions in relation to the campaign. At present the Group has Co-ordinators for the following campaigns:-

South America
Former Soviet Union/Central Asia

In addition our group has recently been assigned a new Individual at Risk case (the case of Noxolo Nogwaza). We will need to appoint a co-ordinator for this case at the AGM.

A full list of Amnesty campaigns for UK groups can be obtained from AIUK, and if anyone wishes to adopt a campaign on behalf of the group other than those listed above please nominate themselves to do so.

If people want to know more about to nominate themselves for a role please email for further details


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