Human Rights Beneath the Headlines

Ever read a headline about human rights and wondered if there was more to the story? Join the British Institute of Human Rights for the second in their series of evening events to discuss some of the most commonly reported human rights stories, as they go Beneath the Headlines.

Venue: Leigh Day, Priory House, 25 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4LB

Date: 8 May 2014 6:30pm – 20:00pm

Fee: Free; suggested donation of £10.

They will look at some of the big issues that continue to feature in reporting as well as recent human rights stories in 2014. Audience members are encouraged to submit media reports and related questions before the event, and panellists will address these. This interactive event includes lots of time for audience questions and discussion.

Panel to include British Institute of Human Rights, Leigh Day and others to be confirmed

The BIHR ask you to please consider making a donation. BIHR is a charity, and this awareness work is currently unfunded. You can donate before the event online here and/or at the event.

You can find out more, book your place and make a donation before the day here:


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