Amnesty Westminster Bayswater Group (AWBG) Sponsored Walk

We would like to let you know of an event being organised by another local group that you might be interested in:
Amnesty Westminster Bayswater Group (AWBG) is delighted to announce that its annual sponsored walk will take place on Saturday 1st February at 10am. The eight-mile walk will begin at St James Tube station, and will cover a circuit of St James Park, a half circuit of Green Park, and then a double circuit of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, ending at Hyde Park Tube station.
AWBG very much hope that you will be interested in sponsoring our participation on the walk. Any amount will be gratefully received! All funds collected will go to support AWBG’s work in carrying out Amnesty International various campaigns. This work includes everything from writing letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience, to writing Christmas and greeting cards to people who have been unfairly imprisoned, to monitoring the progress of various long-term cases of persecution. In 2014, AWBG has committed to developing a motion to stop the recruiting of under-18 year olds into the British Army, which the group plans to present at Amnesty International’s AGM in 2015. As the UK prepares to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War, when there was such a momentous loss of very young lives, this is an especially critical issue.

All this work requires funds, which the group raises entirely on its own. Even a donation £1 can make difference, as it covers the postage of the kind of letter that has helped to free prisoners around the world.

For more information see AWBG website: 


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