Merry Christmas from all at AmnestyBG

All at the Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich group (known online as ‘AmnestyBG’) would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Every meeting attended, letter or email written, event volunteered at, book bought and all those people who have promoted our work have made a difference to human rights around the world.

Thanks for all your ongoing support over the past year it has been hugely appreciated.

PS Please remember there is no letter writing stall in December (it would have fallen on Christmas Eve).


Amnesty for Pussy Riot and Artic 30?

You may have seen that there is a chance that a new law offering the opportunity for an amnesty for certain prisoners in Russia could lead to the release of Pussy Riot protestors and the so called “Artic 30” Greenpeace activists. Whether they are freed or not Amnesty International are calling for the release of all prisoners of conscience in Russia and that the ‘amnesty law’ is no replacement for an effective, independent, system of justice.

To see the Amnesty International UK Press Release click here or for the Guardian article on it click here 

December meeting round-up

What a few weeks we’ve had, with the Book Sale and then the Greenwich Market stall.

The Clearance Book Sale in November raised £3,500 which was higher than recent years.

The Greenwich Market stall saw 100 cards signed to prisoners of conscience and in solidarity with human rights campaigners as part of the Write for Rights 2013 campaign.

The group also got into the Christmas spirit with drinks and refreshments.

And with 17 group members present i’d say that we’re a thriving group. That said we’d always welcome new people to join us and take part in our activities. If you’re interested then do get in touch on

PS Please note that there is no letter writing stall at the Picturehouse in December (it would have been Christmas Eve so we thought you’d be getting ready for Father Christmas!).

Mandela Memorial – What does Nelson Mandela mean to you?

After the sad news of Nelson Mandela passing away last night, Amnesty International have launched an online memorial wall as a tribute to Nelson Mandela and to celebrate what he did for human rights for South Africans and many others around the world. He fought for freedom for his nation and against injustice around the world. Please share what he meant to you at the Mandela Memorial website

Poster for Women of Zimbabwe Arise

For the November group monthly action we were asked to create and send a poster of solidarity to a group featured in the Write for Rights campaign. Our group chose Women of Zimbabe Arise (WOZA for short) and Ann designed the below poster. In addition there has been progress on human rights in Zimbabwe over 2013 which can be found the Amnesty UK web page for Zimbabwe with a letter writing action too The poster can be seen below

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