Action for Dhandup Wangchen – Fri 6 Dec

The Ealing Amnesty Group are planning a rally on behalf of a prisoner of conscience, Dhondup Wangchen, in front of the Chinese embassy in London. Dhondup is a Tibetan film maker who has been imprisoned for producing a documentary on life in Tibet under Chinese rule.

You can find more information on his case, as well as his documentary here:

The event will take place on Friday, 6th December, from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, at 49-51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL. As it is a Central London-based event it is hoped support of a wide range of local groups in the area, and as always with campaigning, the more attention, the better!

Please publicise the event and get in touch with Rob Dickinson (, who is part of the organising team, and ideally let him know if you plan to attend and let him know if you can help out with making some placards.


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