Rally for Peaceful Change in Syria – Thu Oct 24

On Thursday, October the 24th from 15:00 to 18:00, Hampstead and Belsize Amnesty Group will be holding a rally in Parliament Square in solidarity with people peacefully demanding change in Syria. At 17:30 we will be having a mass picture so please come and join us and show your support.

Anas al-Shogre turns 25 on October the 24th. He is a Syrian student and pro-democracy activist who disappeared in May 2011. He is being held by the Syrian security services and his family have not been able to see him. They have strong reason to believe that he has been malnourished and tortured.

Anas’s case is shocking in its own right, but it represents something much more disturbing. It shows how the Syrian government are persecuting their peaceful critics and stifling pro-democratic voices within Syria. It also offers us a glimpse of where hope lies: Anas is a part of Syria’s non-violent movement. Amnesty is supporting these groups in their efforts to bring human rights to Syria and believes that the country’s best chance of sustainable peace lies with them. Join us at to stand in solidarity with Anas al-Shogre and the Syrian Non-Violent Movement.


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